Sunday, 16 May 2010

Gourmet burger kitchen

The weather was glorious yesterday! Just wanted to use the word glorious as I haven't used it in ages. Went to a park yesterday and the second the bf and I got out of the tube station, it was as though we were in Chelsea! Either Chelsea or Portsmouth. There were hundreds of people just hanging outside the pubs singing songs with loads of policemen hanging around and patrolling the streets.

I nearly got attacked by a flock of ducks/geese (whatever they were) and pigeons. The bf insists they were ducks but they were gimongous! It started with me throwing the odd crumb of bread. First a pigeon came. Then it somehow alerted his friends. Then more pigeons came. Then a duck comes and I start feeding the duck and get even more excited when he starts calling his friends. Suddenly, I look down at my feet and there they are, at least 10 pigeons walking around my feet staring at me! Didn't take pictures of them. If I did, I'd have tonnes of pictures of ducks/pigeons/birds.

The bf and I went to gourmet burger kitchen and their burgers are huge! It's a good sign that when you order, they ask you how you want your burger done - medium or well done. I got the pesterella and the tomato relish that came with it is delicious. Shame they didn't give a bigger blob of it. Mine had pesto, mozzarella and relish. Look at all that mozzarella! I didn't finish the mozzarella - too cheesy for me. I did manage to finish 80% of the beef before my mouth got tired from all that chewing. That's quite a great accomplishment!The bf had cajun and he got way more of his cajun relish and that was yummy too. Moral of the story is - order the burger that has relish. It took us a while to strategise on how to tackle the burger. Basically, unless you squish the burger down and have a fairly big mouth, you would have to dismantle the burger and probably eat it two layers at a time.
GBK's chips are really good. They're the big and chunky type and all they need is a good sprinkle of salt. Whoops, no pictures of the chips.

Y gave me a voucher - 2 burgers for 9 pounds so it was good value for money. Service was excellent and my tummy was happy at the end of the meal so conclusion - loved the GBK experience.

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