Friday, 11 June 2010

Caramel nuts

Sugary goodness. You can't really go wrong when it comes to sugar and nuts. This makes a really good snack especially when you're craving something sweet. I just partially roasted some raw nuts - cashewnuts, walnuts and almonds and baked them with sugar, honey, salt and a touch of butter. I don't really have a recipe for this. Just the pre mentioned ingredients in a pan and boil till it bubbles. Add the nuts and bake in a 160 C oven for 10-15 minutes. Basically before it starts to burn.
I really need to remember to sprinkle salt on it after it's done. It makes such a difference but I keep forgetting to do so. My bad.
On a separate note, the flowers here are so pretty and to think most of them are considered as weeds. Aww, they're so pretty and photogenic. Ooh, it's suddenly sunny outside. The weather has been pretty rubbish for the past couple days. It's pretty much either cloudy or drizzling literally the whole day. Oh, and it's cold too. It feels weird that I'm not ending this post with a recipe. Oh well.

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